Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Prayer to God

     Ok God I know I felt you move and you put the desire to go to Africa on my heart a few years ago. And I was supposed to go this past summer but I put my life before your will and maybe what all happened was on purpose but the passion I have to go to Africa is too much to be just my desire. It must be your doing. Which is not wrong I wish you willed everything that I was supposed to do like you are doing this. I want to go to Africa and this summer a few weeks before I came to ETBU you put on my heart that I was for sure going to Africa but then you specified my calling there. The desire to reach orphans and show them love. To show them your love. Your love through me. So that is what I will do. Here’s where you get to glorify yourself. I don’t have the money for this and you know that. That won’t stop me and I know that you’re not even worried about that issue. So here are some suggestions and I want to life them up to you before I put them into action. I heard about people making t-shirts to help fund their trips. So I want to do that unless you don’t want to but I think it would help. Another thing is email everyone I know and write letters to churches and family members telling them what I am doing or plan on doing and that I can’t fund this trip on my own; this will give them an opportunity to help. On the shirt idea. Help me find a verse that will glorify you and get people to ask questions and raise awareness to the lack of love. I want to start now on all of this but I don’t even know what group or organization I am going with??? Guide me in the right direction. If I’m supposed to go through a major organization or if I am supposed to go through the contacts that Andie and Kelly have. Send me to where I am needed most in Africa. In saying that I would like to make it back so I can tell others and encourage them to do the same or reach those here. I don’t want this to be a one time thing. I want it to be more than a summer in Africa. Prepare me now but also change me then. Not necessarily change but mold me. Open the doors and make this trip plausible. But I do want it to be known that it only happened because you made it possible. 
      God bless this trip and go ahead of me. I’m not asking for you to make it easy, but I’m not asking you to make it hard either. Test me before, during,  and after this trip. Let it bring me closer to you. Be with me as I plan, help me listen to you and let you guide me along the right path that you have set before me. May I do your will even if it is against mine. I lift this up to you so you make receive the glory. In your holy name. Amen.

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