Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God is the Joy

So where to begin? I'm going through some confusing situations. I feel as though I'm running on a tred mill. You know you run and run and run but you haven't gone anywhere. You're still right there. So things happened that kinda opened up my eyes and heart. No I'd say they blew it open! Feelings I thought were gone came up not exactly the same but I know it's not just a coincedence or maybe it is or maybe it's God saying this is what I want for you. The thing is I see the end result but what I don't see is how I'm going to get there. Which is kind of scary since "there" is so far ahead. At least I think it is. But this probably isn't making any sense because I'm not being specific but I can't not here. Not now. When I talk to my roommates about it I get the same advice; just be patient and pray about it. Well I am and have been praying about it. I've never been good at patience though. I'm more of a "let's jump in the middle of it and go from there" not a "sit on the sidelines" kind of guy. I want to be the knight and rescue my beauty from the turmoil. I want to rush in and save the burning building. I don't want to sit and watch it burn. I don't want to sit and watch her die. But yet I listen to them and feel that that is what God wants for now. If I would continue to listen it will work out. I have grown this year mostly in the past few months. Not physically, at least I don't think so, but spiritually. I feel that I am closer to God. This gets me excited because of everything that is happening. Right now I am learning to find joy in the LORD even when everything around me is sad and ways me down. Even in the worst situation here on Earth I am still one of God's sons and loved by him with a love that is unfathomable.
Real quick on the Africa Expedition. I should be getting the wrist-bands tomorrow which means my parents will bring them Friday or Saturday. Then I can start selling them. I need money! This trip is expensive and I don't have any yet. Please support this, it is for the kingdom of God. Also, I still need prayer, never cease praying whether for me or others, never cease. It's neat to try and go a whole day with out saying amen. Try walking around campus and when you see a random person pray for them and then the next and next. Whether it brings you joy or not and I guarantee it will. You will have impacted lives for Christ. We are here to show the love of Christ! So let's do that! Let the joy inside of you overflow! Thank you for your time. I leave you with these two quotes. 
"if there is no sacrifice, if there is no hurt, it probably isn't love" - Michael Morgan Donehey
"God grant me your wisdom, give me your loving endurance, strengthen me to live out your will, and create in me a joy that overflows to all around me." - Me (ask God for this and he will rock your world!)