Thursday, September 23, 2010

All I Have To Do Is Trust

     So missions... I am preparing for one right now. I just had an interview this past Tuesday and it felt really good just talking with the interviewer and hearing what he had to say and him just listening to my life stories. I have been pumped about next summer as soon as I knew God called me to go. I didn't know where. I didn't know with who. All I knew was that I was going. Immediately I started looking at shirt fundraiser ideas. My roommate told me about this wrist-band website and I checked it out. About 40 minutes later I had purchased 300 wrist-bands and I still had no idea who I was gonna be going with or what I was going to be doing. But I knew to trust in God. That's all I have to do.
     See he's already told me that money is not going to be an option and he's told me I'm going so what is there to worry about. So after I bought the wrist bands I was telling one of my best friends about it and she told me to go check out the AIM website. So I went to the computer and looked but there was nothing about summer 2011. I waited a few weeks and checked again. They were putting the trips up right then. I saw Africa Expedition. I sent an e-mail to ask more questions but I was going on this trip either way so I started applying. After I had everything ready and filled out all that was needed was the $39 to send in the application. I had the money I was worried about that. But I had been praying all this time that God would be in every aspect of this trip and give me the words to say and the things I needed to know. I walked away from the computer and started hanging out with my roommates and watching TV and forgot about the application that night. That was until one of my roommates called me in his room closed the door and said "God wants me to give you this money. I know what your doing and I want to help." He had a $20 in his hand I got excited that was my first funds for the trip! Then he paused and said "Wait...God wants me to give more." He pulled out another $20. I took it very thankfully and went and sent the application off as soon as I walked in my room.
     God said he would provide for this mission trip and he has and is going to continue to do so. Is he not amazing?! He will fund this trip for me...all I have to do is trust.

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