Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am in AFRICA!!!!

Hey everyone! I am in Africa and having a great time! God has been showing me so much of his power and magnitude and beauty in everything here from the Nile river, to the tops of mountains, to the children running around in teh streets! it has been a jam packed week so far we've rafted the Nile, been in an Ugandan wedding, prayed at a hospital, went to church, taught at a primary school, and evangelized door to door. Earlier today we climbed a nearby mountain. God is continuing to speak to me through the places and people i have seen and met. This is just to let you know what we've done and how i am doing continue to keep me in your prayers and ask God to speak to me! This is just the beginning of the summer so let God work in you! He is a beautiful and powerful God. Please respond with prayers and encouraging words! Thanks and God bless. Til next time.

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