Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing is Impossible

     Wow it has been a while! Sorry about that there have been plenty of times for me to write I just haven’t wanted to...but I need to. So my trip to Africa is in about 16 days and I am almost 100% paid for and have almost all of my supplies ready to go! Can the Lord get an amen! Go ahead shout it out loud He deserves it. So the one thing that I can never get enough of for this trip is.....prayer. 
     Lately I have been putting myself first and God along with this trip second. I’ve worried about school, life and future more than the one who has given me school, life, and still holds my future in his hands. And I have been wondering why I’ve been stressing and why it seems like things aren’t getting done. It’s because I haven’t put God first. I am trying to do so. 
     As of the past few days by spending more time in His word and I’ve also been reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I know it’s been out for a while but I kept putting it off...So I finally have gotten into it and yesterday I was reading it and the words just began speaking to me. I don’t if it was God getting me to pay attention more or pointing things out to me but He was telling me to love. To love like He does. 
     I got to thinking and that is really hard! I mean to love like God does means I have to be ready and willing to sacrifice for even the least of people whether or not they love me in return. I’m sorry but I can’t do that. Why would I stick my neck out for someone who I probably will never meet in person? Because He did so for me. “He replied, 'What is impossible for people is possible with God.’”(Luke 18:27). With God nothing is impossible and I believe that. Nothing can stand in the way of God and when we as believers come together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ nothing is impossible. 
     So I ask you now as you read this to lift me up in prayer to God and ask Him to bless me for this trip in a few specific areas. 
     First ask Him to give me eyes to see what He sees. May I see the hearts of the people and the brokenness. Pray that He gives me hands to do what needs to be done. Feet to go where He wants me to go. And a heart that goes out to the lost souls I will come into contact with. 
     Second ask him to give me strength to resist the Devil in all temptations and be able to fight him. For endurance during the multiple attacks. The wisdom and knowledge to know when to flee and when to fight and the scripture to use against Satan. The boldness and courage to stand when no one else will. And for God to guard my heart with a hedge of protection that no demon can penetrate.
     Next ask God to protect not only me but also my group physically so that we don’t get sick or hurt during this trip. So that we can bring glory and honor to the Lord’s name and be able to come back and encourage and tell others of the great things He did on this trip.
     And Finally ask God to go before us and prepare the way and bring people to us. Ask Him to have them flock to us in uncountable numbers. May the things we do be far greater than any of us can imagine. 
     I thank you for reading this and lifting myself and my group in prayer. I ask that you do this continually and believe faithfully that God will answer these prayers beyond anything you could ever envision. May He be lifted higher in this moment and may you praise Him for the wondrous things He has done!


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