Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day Without Words

Once again it has been a while since my last post and so much has happened that I couldn't possibly type it all down. So since last time I posted I have spent over 9 days in the bush with the Maasai people and no shower. From there we went to Nairobi where we took a few days to scrub the mud and dirt that had caked itself onto our arms, legs, and faces, as well as plan, pray, and prepare for what was to come in Tanzania. After a few days of searching for things online and listening to the Lord we decided to go straight to Dar Es Salaam. After 2 days of travel we arrived in Dar es Salaam where we have a house to stay and ministry opportunities all around the community. This past Sunday I received the opportunity to preach infront of the church here an we have been working with an orphanage this past week and will do so until Sunday where we then work with another orphanage. 
Now that you are caught up with what's happened to me since my last blog let me tell you about what God taught me while in the bush! So in the bush we asked the Lord to tell us what ministry He wanted us to do for Him. Immediately soccer came to my mind. After more prayer the team decided to spend an afternoon in soccer ministry, the following day in women's ministry and then Monday would be a day in the life of a Maasai. The soccer ministry and women's ministry was awesome and impacted many lives for Christ but my favorite day was the day that we each went to a different Maasai family in the church and did what they did. I spent the day with Daniel. He was the newly appointed worship and evangelical minister to the church. Daniel is a 28 year old Maasai warrior, with a wife named Jacinta, 2 kids (wants 8), as of last week 10 goats, speaks hardly any English, and is in the 5th grade. To start the day off we sat and drank chai...I hate chai. Then we headed out to go cut some "just a minute" tree branches for his fence. After this we looked at his school work and I helped him practice his English, then some bead work. After this we walked for about 20 minutes and had more chai at a friend's house. I sat quietly as they talked and laughed. Then we walked for another 30 minutes to go to the solar panels that powered a water well. After about an hour long walk back to his house we sat in his living/dining room and smiled and attempted to talk to eachother but it didn't always work out or at least I didn't always understand. His brother-in-law was there and didn't speak any English at all. So we sat in silence and I played slaps with his 2 year old daughter. She just laughed the entire time. Throughout the entire day Daniel and his family kept giving me beadwork and things and making me feel right at home...even when the chicken came inside the house and jumped on my lap. Around 5:30 pm we walked back so that we wouldn't have to worry about elephants after dark. He stayed the night and before we left the bush he told me he would miss me greatly and that he loved me. He asked if I would come back and visit him. Out of all the people that have asked me that he is the only person who I have wanted to come back and visit. It was hard leaving the bush after spending a day with him, and we hardly even spoke a word. 
 This quote is so true and I have come to realize the time we have with eachother is a gift, so enjoy it.
He was saved. I was saved. His family went to the church. There was no need for evangelism. We just spent time together and built a relationship; a friendship. I truly will miss him. We hardly said anything and when we did speak we could barely understand what eachother was saying or meant. But by spending the day with him, working with him, meeting his wife, playing with his kids I impacted his life, and he impacted mine. That day was by far my favorite day of this entire trip and I didn't speak. "Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words." This quote is so true and I have come to realize the time we have with each other is a gift, so enjoy it.

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